Frontec’s proprietary cold forming technology separates us from our competitors and ensures the highest quality and longest lasting products. The cold forging process is integrated into our production lines and also guarantees fast, reliable delivery.

Single Integrated Production Line

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Our proprietary, single-integrated production line consists of cold forming, washing, roll tapping, visual inspection and packaging. Frontec’s line also has a 0% mixing ratio and dropout rate.


Roll Tapping

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Frontec uses cutting edge roll tapping technology that manufactures more durable nuts with less waste than outdated, more traditional methods of thread making.

Unique T-Type Nuts Manufacturing

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In an effort to minimize costs to our clients and reduce waste, Frontec uses T-Type nut manufacturing which makes shapes with no tip cutting process.

Reusing Forged Scrap

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Our recycling and reusing of forged scrap gives us the competitive edge when it comes to costs passed on to our clients.


In our smart operating environment, we can tie our operations technology with business systems to measure our key performance indicators to streamline our manufacturing.

Cloud Based Computerizing Factory

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Frontec implements cloud based computerizing factory and MES that…

Full Monitoring System for All Productions

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Our full monitoring system for all productions allow…

AI Inspection Systems

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Our AI inspection systems allow…

Automated Warehouse System

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Our automated warehouse systems including AGVs allow…